Everyone flies and glows except for Kaito. Because SCIENCE!!

Anyways, the last episode of ZEXAL was pretty great. Yuma’s Number was fascinating to see: 0 Rank (is that legal? Probably doesn’t matter in this show) with the title of future. As Numbers take the form of their user’s desires, Future Number 0 appears to be created by Yuma’s bonds with Astral and himself (the Emperor’s Key on the Number’s chest after using Double-Up Chance, the miracle card that they always use and activate together). He doesn’t want to let go of his bond with Astral despite the price he must pay with The Door; he’ll treasure it and carry it towards his future. Yuma knows that he must continue his future without Astral, but as he is one of his greatest treasures of life, Number 99 will exist as a reminder of their bonds despite being worlds apart.

The duel was splendid as the two characters fought to maintain their bonds despite differing ideals. Number 99 takes the form of a fearsome dragon instead of the humanoid warriors that all other Hopes resemble. It’s appearance must be based off of Astral’s extermination mission that he follows and also a true representation of his beliefs: the Barian World must be erased. However, we’re glad to see Yuma defeating the dragon and reconnecting his bonds. Perhaps why that Number was Number 99: Astral also cherished his bond with Yuma. It shows that despite his mission, Astral will consider the wishes of his human companion and will also treasure him in his heart.

The entire ZEXAL series seems to represent Yuma’s development through his life, from a newbie loner to a man who serves as a light to all of his friends. Yuma’s bonds continue to grow as he progresses without Astral. With the Numeron Code’s power, the friends that he lost have now returned: Yuma’s wishes influenced the Numeron Code to preserve those who are precious to him. You have grown strong Yuma, and may you serve as a light to all of your bonds in the future.

The End. ARC-V awaits in the future.

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Even Tony Stark is not safe from Marisa’s thievery. By imizu. The Pixiv title is “Double Spark Marisa.”


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七皇の双璧, The Greatest Duo of the Seven Emperors, must be the following:
- Nasch refuses to let CNo. 102 and CNo. 103 to leave the field, referencing how he, Durbe, and Merag all had a related background. Of the other Over-Hundred Numbers that the other Barians hold, Nasch considers those two to be the most precious ones. He holds the burden of the Barian World and the loyalty of his most faithful companions until the end. What a great card to commemorate the ones who served and lived with you to the end.

- According to the synonyms of “duo” (twosome, pair, couple, etc.), Nasch approves of shipping Merag with Durbe. No wonder they’re, The Greatest Duo of the Seven Emperors (I’m a failure *shot*). DurbexMerag will be coming in the future.

Card descriptions aside, after Don Thousand’s defeat involving epic incarnations of Hope pounding of CiNo. 1000, we get to see the final showdown between Yuma and Nasch, the conclusion to their rivalry and allegiances. Without translations, I’m guessing that Nasch still believes in his destiny that he must fight the Astral World while Yuma wants him to get over it and be friends again (you wish). Since he’s the only Barian alive, Nasch feels that it’s his duty to safeguard the Barian World (will we ever see the revived Barian Emperors?).

The duel was pretty great, Yuma SUMMONING A NON-HOPE NUMBER (praise the Lord!) and using his trademark Gagagas in many ways. However, Nasch’s cards were the most interesting. Minus his sharks, all of his cards bear the memories of his companions. Pretty much every single card he used, he wants to draw the power of his companions to show Yuma that his bond with the Barian World is much stronger than our protagonists. In the end, we see CNo. 101, 102, 103, and 107 vs No. 39 and CNo. 104, 105, 106. This could be a reference to the four Barian Emperors (Nasch, Durbe, Merag, Mizael) who stayed true to their homeworld and their mission that conflict with the other three Barian Emperors (Vector, Alit, Girag) who were influenced by Yuma’s bonds. In the next time, we get to see the showdown between Nasch’s true companions and Yuma’s expanding circle of friends…

…of course, none of that is as great as TRON FINALLY RETURNING. IT’S HAPPENING.

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Don Thousand really looks like Paradox/Aporia with the body of young Kagemaru… so sexy and elegant (Eliphas must had been mad because he couldn’t compare that level of beauty and had to wear an ugly face mask). Ironically as a Barian god, Don Thousand has a mouth in his true form.

This was an interesting turn of events… Yuma is definitely the friend to almost all living beings. Even god-tier troll Vector can be redeemed as our lovable Shingetsu. Although the Vector troll-face wasn’t intended (even for the script!), it was still amusing and pretty awesome to see his majestic troll-face returns one last time.

Onward, Don Thousand is the enemy of all living beings. A supreme being who disregards rules and all forms of law, no wonder Don Thousand got banished from the Astral World. Nobody in his former homeworld had his sexiness nor his desire to live. Such a fitting big boss with the desire to take all for himself. The Numeron flowers/roots he summons must be used for absorbing life to nourish his beautiful body. Oh man, I should stop talking about his body.

Mizael was indeed a brave soul who… suffered from the Worf Effect. He lost his Barian powers and despite his strength, he got effortlessly annihilated by Don Thousand’s hax powers and his situational burn cards. Although he lost, he managed to reveal the Barian god’s powers and convince Yuma and Nasch to work together against the new evil. You were brave like Kaito was… RIP.

This is going to be really excited. We’ll get to see Astral do things outside of just floating around… new cards… return of aces… possibilities of Eliphas or Tron reappearing… and maybe Kotori being useful (I think I’m vainly believing that they might actually happen… I hope they do.)

That sexy body though.

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(I’m surprised how Nasch can keep such a straight face throughout the entire episode.)

What an interesting turn of events. Vector goes crazy and turns on Don Thousand for the past… and epically trolls all of us. Freaking Vector, does your head have some sort of internal processor that instantly creates troll logic straight out of nowhere? Is there a word that transcends “insane”? That is what Vector is right now.

The ending of the duel wasn’t as great as I thought (CNo. 5 out of nowhere, wild Rank-Up cards appeared!), but it was great to see Nasch using No. 73 to put down Nasch’s ambitions just like their historic dark duel. Maybe redeemed Vector will reappear next episode or maybe he went so far that he trumps evil Marik standards. We’ll see.

If Vector received his over-hundred numbers early in his life while the other Barian Emperors received theirs at the end of their lives… was Vector’s suicide real? Maybe he received more at the end of his life from Don Thousand.

Also, GLOWING ASTRAL BEINGS AT THE PREVIEW. We will later see why Yuma’s parents said that he chose them! What will happen to the absorbed Barian Emperors after Vector’s defeat? Will we see Durbe and Merag’s true memories?! Is Don Thousand really handsome?! Stay tune for more crazy plot twists!

(Sorry for not posting in a long while, I blame classwork and homework for my absence. I will try and stay up to date!)

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Miko crossing the Alps, on her trusty steed Byakuren. By kusakanmuri, and also Jacques-Louis David.


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This is fucking terrifying


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